Fire Prevention

General fire prevention and awareness measures

  • Clear all tall grass and brush, ladder fuels and wood piles within 30 feet of structures.
  • Prepare hoses and sprinklers to wet around your house.
  • Develop a plan to evacuate your animals in the event you are not home.
  • Keep your fire extinguishers properly charged.
  • Monitor this website for up to date fire information:
  • If you have a need to burn, first call the Sheriff Office dispatch 307-367-4378 ext. 6.
  • If you see someone behaving irresponsibly with fire, email the HR fire/emergency volunteers who will, if appropriate, contact the Sheriff’s Office.

2020-2021 Hoback Ranches Calendar

Second Saturday in July

July 10
Annual HRSID Meeting

Second Saturday in July

July 10
Annual Hoback Ranches Picnic

Third Thusday July

July 15
Annual Budget Approval Sublette County