Fire Prevention

General fire prevention and awareness measures

  • Clear all tall grass and brush, ladder fuels and wood piles within 30 feet of structures.
  • Prepare hoses and sprinklers to wet around your house.
  • Develop a plan to evacuate your animals in the event you are not home.
  • Keep your fire extinguishers properly charged.
  • Monitor this website for up to date fire information:
  • If you have a need to burn, first call the Sheriff Office dispatch 307-367-4378 ext. 6.
  • If you see someone behaving irresponsibly with fire, email the HR fire/emergency volunteers who will, if appropriate, contact the Sheriff’s Office.

2020-2021 Hoback Ranches Calendar

Second Saturday in June June 12
Early HRSID Budget Planning meeting

Fourth Sunday in June June 27
Annual Bondurant Community BBQ-Picnic

Second Saturday in July July 10
Annual HRSID Meeting

Second Saturday in July July 10
Annual Hoback Ranches Picnic

Third Thusday July July 15
Annual Budget Approval Sublette County