Hoback Ranches


Hoback Ranches Service & Improvement District (HRSID) Annual Meeting is this Saturday, July 10th , 2021, at 1:00 PM at St. Hubert’s Church in Bondurant Wyoming.

All property owners are encouraged to attend.

The annual Hoback Ranches picnic will follow at 5:00 PM at the Rim and Skyline in the winter parking lot. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided by the District.

Residents are asked to bring a side dish, desert or salad to share with fellow residents. Please bring your own chairs, and beverages of choice. It’s a great venue to meet old friends and make new acquaintances.

URGENT! Rim Road will be closed effective tomorrow (6/24) – milemarker 225 to 355/Deer Haven until further notice. Slide has CLOSED the road repair totally.

Please advise your contractors of same.  EAST/Pinedale traffic can travel 2.25 miles inside Hoback Ranches to closure.

WEST/Fisherman Creek entrance can travel to mm355/Deer Haven at closure.  

Welcome to Hoback Ranches

Hoback Ranches is a rural residential subdivision located in Western Wyoming, in the Northwest corner of Sublette County, whose access lies approximately 7 miles south of the Bondurant Wyoming Post Office along US Highway 191.

The 6500 acre development was established in 1973 by Doyle Child, businessman and real estate developer from Star Valley with a vision to create a “partnership with nature” where the community is dedicated to preserving the environment, along with the natural flora and fauna for all to enjoy.

While the early homesteads often lacked modern conveniences such as electricity, telephone, and running water, therefore initially serving as summer residences, today there are over 125 homes blending into the rugged high desert terrain, situated on some of the 240 separate parcels, with over 300 residents, many who live year round in the ranches.

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2020-2021 Hoback Ranches Calendar

Second Saturday in July

July 10
Annual HRSID Meeting

Second Saturday in July

July 10
Annual Hoback Ranches Picnic

Third Thusday July

July 15
Annual Budget Approval Sublette County

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